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Autologous Conditioned Plasma Therapy

Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) is a quick and easy treatment that can be used for the widest range of orthopedic needs, and is usually appropriate for lower acuity cases where patients have inflammation, stiffness and soreness.

ACP therapy uses whole blood drawn from your arm. That part of the treatment is like every other routine blood draws you’ve experienced, except that a unique double syringe, designed for this process, is used to keep the entire preparation process in a safe, closed system.

The ACP system allows for the rapid and efficient concentration of platelets and growth factors from autologous blood for use at the treatment site. It is a quick process that utilizes a minimal blood draw - usually about 15cc's. Your blood is spun for about 5 minutes in a centrifuge that separates growth factors, platelets and other blood components. The resulting ACP othrobiologic treatment contains concentrated platelets and growth factors that are 2x to 3x above baseline. And white blood cells, which can cause a detrimental effect on healing, are not concentrated.

Next, the area to be treated is cleaned and numbed. The small amount of prepared ACP, loaded with your own body’s growth and healing factors, is then injected into the injured or diseased area.

The entire treatment takes less than an hour, and is done in an office setting.