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Review of Study: Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) Comparison Study

Arthrex Angel System | Bio-Alliance Medical Group Many doctors offer this all-natural therapy, but what makes Bio-Alliance Medical Group different than them? We use the Arthrex Angel System to separate the plasma from the other blood contents. The Angel System has many advantages, but the biggest advantage is all about technology. The three-sensor technology allows us to completely customize the cellular output by changing the hematocrit setting and output volume.


In 2016, Arthrex published a study comparing three BMC systems including the Arthrex Angel® BMC, Harvest SmartPReP BMAC, and Arteriocyte Magellan MAR0Max. The purpose of this study was to compare the cellular content utilizing Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA).


BMA was harvested from five donors which resulted in about 100 mL of BMA. The BMA was then divided between the three systems and went through each company’s standard procedure. After processing, the BMC was tested for several cell concentrations: red blood cells, white blood cells, neutrophils, platelets, total nucleated cells and hematopoietic cells.


The Arthrex Angel System produced significantly higher total nucleated cell and hematopoietic cell concentrations compared to the Harvest and Magellan systems. This shows that the Angel System provides the best opportunity to relieve pain as hematopoietic cells have the potential to repair damaged tissue.
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