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Review of Study: Effects of BMC and PRP on Patients with Partial Tear of the Rotator Cuff Tendon

Studies from universities, medical centers and journals have always given us an insight to new scientific improvements.

Recently, there has been an increase in those related to innovative orthobiologic treatments. According to the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, a rotator cuff tendon tear has impacted 21% of the general population. This injury is treated by surgical and non-surgical methods.

Background on Study

In early January 2018, the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research published a study sharing the effects of BMC-PRP on patients who had a partial tear of their rotator cuff tendon. The study looked at comparing the differences between rotator cuff exercises and BMC-PRP injections to recognize the therapeutic effects on the treatment process.

Outline of Patients

This specific study used 24 patients with a partial tear of the rotator cuff. For the next three months, 12 patients were assigned to undergo the BMC-PRP injections while the other 12 were instructed to perform rotator cuff exercises. Tests were conducted before the treatments started, three weeks after and three months after.

Study Findings

The findings were interesting. In both groups, the size of the tear didn’t change much at all. However, the group that received the BMC-PRP treatments showed a significant drop in pain levels three months after the procedure. This proves that orthobiologics are a great option for someone who wants to decrease pain without surgery!
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