What is PRP?

Human blood contains a number of different components which include red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate derived from your peripheral blood that is now frequently used in sports medicine and orthopedics as a treatment option for pain and other symptoms that are caused by injury, illness and basic wear and tear on the body. The main effects of PRP are thought to be caused by growth factors released from the platelets, which may play a beneficial in role in healing and provide therapeutic effects.

Description of therapy

PRP therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses a Lueko-rich concentrate which is defined as PRP having a white blood cell (WBC) concentration of greater than 100% that of whole blood. WBCs are the components in your blood that help the body protect itself against infectious disease and foreign invaders. This form of PRP uses an advanced technological centrifuge system that is able to separate the platelets, growth factors and additional healing properties from the other components of your blood. Our Physician providers can program the results to contain up to 18x the platelet and growth factor count than that of baseline whole blood! When PRP is injected into the site of pain or pathology, outcomes have included reduced pain, symptom relief and re-gained performance and function.

PRP therapy is a quick and easy treatment option that is minimally-invasive, all-natural and low-risk. It is safer than other injection treatments because we do not use artificial components or additives. We simply take your body’s own healing ability, concentrate it, and apply it directly to the source.

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Description of procedure/appointment

A typical injection appointment for PRP takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Once in the treatment room, you will be prepped for a standard venous blood draw. Our Physician provider will come in and perform the blood draw and obtain 40-60 cc of blood (this is a relatively small amount, about 2 oz.). An experienced technician then spins the blood in a state-of-the-art centrifuge system that separates the platelets, plasma and growth factors from the other components of your blood. This takes about 15 -20 minutes to complete. Once the spin is finished, the concentrated PRP is loaded into a syringe and is ready for injection.

The site of injection is prepared by the Physician provider using alcohol and iodine to prevent infection and a local anesthetic is applied. The Physician provider determines the exact location of treatment using a mobile Ultrasound devise. The injection is then administered to the treatment site under Ultrasound guidance. Once all the PRP is delivered, the site is cleaned and bandaged. Finally, the procedure is finished and you are given post-procedure instructions and set on your way. You may feel some pain or discomfort around the injection site that lasts up to 48 hours. Most patients can expect to feel initial results in 2-8 weeks.

The benefits of PRP:

  • Non-Invasive
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Safe and Effective
  • Natural Growth Factors

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At Bio-Alliance Medical Group we are a leading specialist in PRP therapy for the treatment of orthopedic injuries in the state of Arizona. Our network of industry recognized orthopedic surgeons are on the forefront of the research and development of PRP therapy and Orthobiologic treatments. This has allowed us to contribute to the development of ground breaking, innovative and minimally invasive non-surgical techniques. When you visit Bio-Alliance Medical Group feel confident that you are in the care of those who understand your injury and treatment options best. You can expect a seamless, comfortable and reliable experience from some of the best providers in the valley. Call Us Today (888) 522-9812!

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